Storytelling in An Agile World

Oct 16
How to Engage, Inspire and Influence in an agile workplace


Storytelling is the number-one leadership skill for the next decade. From the earliest cave dwellers to modern corporate executives, people have told stories to make a point and drive change. Stories are powerful because they speak to both reason and emotion. Plus, stories are memorable.

By telling stories in the workplace, you'll be better able to engage, convince, and influence others. You'll be more successful at getting your message across in conversations or presentations, especially when driving change, sparking action, sharing knowledge or leading people into the future, in an agile workplace.

Did you know story approach influences 118% more than facts approach?

Join Gatik Chaujer, co-founder of the global Leadership Development firm – TransforME and discover the 8 patterns of business narratives, learn the 2 pillars – “Telling the Right Story” and “Telling the Story Right” and practice exercises designed to help build your stories & get personal feedback. Gatik is a passionate facilitator, coach and keynote speaker, his own journey is a story worth listening to! Driven by his mission to transform a million lives, Gatik’s uniqueness lies in his inane ability to connect, spontaneously share, be mindfully present and bring humour to learning! Over the years with his partner Sandra he has created an amazing blend of unique methods like T-Group, Gestalt, Storytelling, Projective cards etc that” make change happen”.

AIPM SA Chapter have four successful Community of Practice (CoP). i.e. PMO, Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Defence. Through this event, we are launching our new CoP – Information Technology.

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