PC Application in Modern Organisations & Mega Projects

Oct 31
Calling all PMs working in Project Controls!


Existing approaches to Project Controls can be influenced by organisational functional requirements and can lack the required practical application focus to make them function effectively.  The scale and complexity of modern projects thus necessitates a fundamental step change to ensure effective data management in order to adequately plan, predict and justify outcomes.
The alignment between technology, process and people is more critical than ever before.  This presentation focuses on the core principles of:
•             position and purpose of Project Controls;
•             standardisation;
•             system integration & data integrity;
•             scalability;
•             increased project certainty; and
•             increased employee capability

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Cameron Mills Director of Project Controls, North East Link Project

Cameron Mills is a Project Controls expert with 23 years’ experience in major projects in civil infrastructure, building and oil and gas.  Currently the Director of Project Controls for the North East Link Project, Cameron provides a unique insight into the development and application of Project Controls through a people, process and technology lens.

Cameron Mills

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