Save the date | 28 October 2022

What impact will the fourth industrial revolution have on the way we define the role and skills required of the project management profession? Will project delivery augmentation become our new reality?

The 2022 AIPM Forum will be held on 28 October 2022 at Zinc, Melbourne, followed by the Victorian Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAs) Dinner. It will explore the changing face of project leadership and the disruption we may experience as a result of the emerging technologies impacting the project management domain. What will the effects be on project leadership and will this be a catalyst to thrive?

As leaders in the project management domain, we realise that the intelligence of individuals and project teams, no matter how experienced, has a limit. Success is questionable and inconsistent, and can be impacted by personal and unconscious biases, education, experience, and the ability to recall information. Further, the true success rate of differing methods is often immeasurable.
However, if we took a different path – and aligned the project management industry with science – could the quality of our outcomes improve? And how will this impact the role of project managers and leaders?

As we enter the post-industrial information age, a premium has been placed on the organisation’s ability to rapidly adapt to changing competitive environments and new technologies, and this will have a significant impact on project management professionals. At this half day event, we will analyse the degree to which emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning have and will change both the organisational context of leadership and the role of PPM professionals – and the challenges that may arise from this evolution.

Registrations for this event will be opening in July.


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Daniela Kellett: President, Victorian Chapter Council, Australian Institute of Project Management
Leh Simonelli: Life Fellow, Australian Institute of Project Management


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