Introducing Future Figures 2019

A new AIPM initiative for project leaders

We're entering a new age of project leadership. The question is, who will define this new era? It's up to you to decide.

Through our Future Figures 2019 Professional Advancement Framework, we will bring leaders together, and equip them for the road ahead. Expect to see a series of different opportunities coming your way as part of the Future Figures program.

What Masterclasses are open for nomination? 

Due to the interest and success of our Masterclasses, nominations are now open for the next Project Leadership and Sponsor Masterclasses. 

Project Leadership Masterclass: TBC 
Project Sponsor Masterclass: TBC


What did attendees think about the Project Leadership Masterclass?

'I can't recommend this Masterclass highly enough. The tips and tools provided have far exceeded my expectation and will prove to be hugely valuable in the future.'
Luke Warren, Senior Technology Leader
"Enjoyable, eye-opening, empowering."
Vanessa Clark, Senior Project Manager, GHD
"I found the Masterclass valuable and will take a lot with me to implement within my team and role."
Nurdiah Kamaruzaman, Project Manager, Northern Territory, JNC Group

How to nominate someone (or myself)

Nominations are now open for the Project Leadership Masterclass and the Project Sponsor Masterclass. To nominate yourself or a colleague, please email Victoria Irvine at