Acceptable evidence of enrolment includes:

  • a photocopy of your student card with a current transport concession sticker clearly visible 

  • a screenshot from your profile page of the institution's website which shows the name of the course as well as a listing of the units you are enrolled in 

  • confirmation of enrolment which includes your name, course name, commencement date and duration of the course – this could be a paid invoice, letter from the institution etc.

AIPM membership depends on how many years' experience you have working in project management and/or your level of formal training. See our membership levels page for more information.

If you are retired, over 55 and have been an AIPM member for the past five years, you are entitled to a 50 per cent discount. Retired membership includes all the benefits of full membership.

Members on maternity leave are eligible for a discounted $107.50 (inc GST) rate (which will be reviewed annually) and will keep all benefits of full membership.

Members in between jobs are eligible for a reduced membership rate of $107.50 (inc GST) half yearly, with a review every 6 months. This includes all the benefits of full membership.

Those who do volunteer work in a humanitarian or civil defence capacity are eligible for a reduced membership rate of $107.50  (inc GST) half yearly, with a review every 6 months. This includes all the benefits of full membership.

To upgrade your membership, contact AIPM by email at or call the National Office on (02) 8288 8700.

Students and Affiliate members upgrading to Associate or Member status will have their upgrade fee waived. You will simply need to pay the difference in membership fees between your current level and the one you are applying for.

Our preferred method of payment is via credit card. However, there is an option to pay via BPAY or cheque.

Membership applications generally take four to five business days. An AIPM representative will be in contact with you should we require any further information.

Our system will automatically generate an invoice for you upon payment, which will go to your email inbox (please also check your junk email or spam folders). However, if you require another copy, please send an email to or give us a call on (02) 8288 8700.

Please log into MY AIPM and ensure your membership is currently active, contact details are correct, and that you haven't unsubscribed to the piece of communication in question.

If all details are current, contact the National Office on (02) 8288 8700 for further assistance.

Ultimately, you will be responsible for your membership fees. However, some companies may support their staff financially as part of their professional development portfolio. To find out whether this applies to you, contact or call us on (02) 8288 8700.

If your membership with us has expired or been suspended, please contact us via email at or give us a call on (02) 8288 8700 to update all your details and get your membership back up and running.

Your annual membership fee and a $220 reinstatement fee is applicable to reactivate your membership.

AIPM is unable to offer any educational advice, but we provide a selection of Endorsed Courses: courses endorsed by AIPM because they demonstrate alignment to project management competency standards and provide professional development.

Trainers and facilitators of Endorsed Courses are expected to have a high level of professional project management experience and relevant qualifications. You can search our Endorsed Course registry to find the right one for you.

While we are unable to offer any career advice, we have an online jobs centre where you can look for jobs and post your own 'looking for job' announcement. Everyone can access the jobs centre.

If you have been locked out of your online MY AIPM account, ring up our national office on (02) 8288 8700 for further instructions.

Details can be changed online via MY AIPM. You can also contact our membership team at or call (02) 8288 8700.