Involvement with AIPM as an organisational member allows your project staff to gain the appreciation they deserve for the great work they are doing. Contributing to events such as the PMAA at state and national levels provides a platform for organisations to showcase their projects and win awards for excellence in project management. 


Sponsoring AIPM events and services such as the National Conference, PMAA and our bi-monthly magazine Project Manager is a great way for organisations to gain exposure to other industries and benefit from networking opportunities.


Our certification and CPD programs offer valuable benefits for members who join under the banner of an organisation. AIPM supports its members by providing resources, training and services in the areas of knowledge management, recognition, governance, research and profession.


AIPM's Mentoring Program engages Australia's leading project managers to support and develop our project management leaders of tomorrow, helping them progress in their careers and into senior management and technical leadership roles.  For more information go to Mentoring Program


AIPM partner with ProNexus to provide talent for project opportunities.  ProNexus is a personalised and curated project management jobs marketplace.  It is built for project management companies and professionals.

Organisational Partners can rest easy knowing they can access certified project managers tailored to project needs.  For further details go to