12 Nov 2015

AIPM announces new Board of Directors

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AIPM announces new Board of Directors
AIPM members recently voted unanimously to approve the implementation of a new constitution for the Institute. One key change to the constitution is the number and make-up of the Institute’s Board of Directors.

The new Board will now consist of four Generally Elected Directors and four Congress Elected Directors elected from the eight Chapter Presidents.

Along with the four new Generally Elected Directors from our recent national elections, the Chapter Congress got together to vote their four representatives to the board and with that the new board sponsor roles were assigned to the eight Directors. The new Board also voted in our first ever Chair and Deputy Chair.

As per the constitution, one Generally Elected Director and one Congress Elected Director will be up for election each year. To help facilitate that transition, the Generally Elected Directors and Congress Elected Directors were all appointed one, two or three year terms.

For the Chapters who had their President move on to the Board, they appointed new Presidents and each state also appointed a Vice President and Treasurer as per the new Constitution.

As a result, please see here for a list of the new Board of Directors of the Australian Institute of Project Management.

Chair: Leh Simonelli FAIPM CPPD
Deputy Chair and Chair of the Congress: Michael King MAIPM CPPD
Directors: Chris Carman MAIPM, David Bryant MAIPM CPPD, Nicole Nader MAIPM CPPM, Ian Sharpe MAIPM CPPD, Mark Patch MAIPM CPPD, Michael Young FAIPM CPPD.

Board Portfolios have also been allocated as follows:

Board Sub-Committee Chairs:

Audit & Risk: Mark Patch
Governance & Ethics: Nicole Nader 
International: Leh Simonelli 

Board Sponsors of Strategy Implementation Pillars:

Membership: Chris Carman 
Information, Innovation & Influence: David Bryant 
Professional Advancement: Michael Young
Corporate Partnerships: Ian Sharpe 

The new Chapter Presidents, Vice Presidents and Treasurers are as follows:

President: David Roulston MAIPM CPPD
Vice President: Rob Elliot MAIPM
Treasurer: Richard Zanner MAIPM

President: James Bawtree MAIPM CPPD
Vice President: Kimberley Pilkington MAIPM
Treasurer: Graham Watt FAIPM

President: Mark Dodt MAIPM CPPD
Vice President: Robert Foote MAIPM CPPD
Treasurer: Peter Meyer MAIPM CPPD

President: David McGuire MAIPM
Vice President: Jeff Dutton MAIPM CPPM
Treasurer: Mary Martin MAIPM

President: Anthony Wood MAIPM CPPD 
Vice President: Elena Zagorenko MAIPM CPPM
Treasurer: David Farwell FAIPM CPPD

President: Rebecca Greenwood MAIPM CPPM
Vice President: Maria Skillern FAIPM
Treasurer: Maria Skillern FAIPM

President: Michael Ratcliffe FAIPM
Vice President: Nick Massie FAIPM
Treasurer: TBA

President: Keith Chidley MAIPM
Vice President: Phil Harlow FAIPM
Treasurer: Ian Nichol MAIPM CPPD