Project management has been around ever since humans have planned and executed a product or design. Some point to the pyramids as evidence of early project management. But what were the factors that influenced and shaped modern project management?

The following pages will explore the milestones of project management in Australia, and the formation and growth of AIPM. The History Project is a living project and updates will be made on a regular basis. Please contact the Project Team to make a contribution.

Historical fact: The first publication of the History Project was launched in April 2015. 

Chivonne Algeo, PhD, Fellow, CPPD

An introduction by Chivonne Algeo, the director of the History Project.

Chivonne has held many voluntary roles with AIPM including NSW Chapter Councillor and Chapter President, National Secretary, Chair and member of the Knowledge and Research Council, as well as member and Chair of the Council of Fellows.



Gwendoline & Zelda Doyle
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Chivonne Algeo – Project Director
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Adeline Teoh - Journalist
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This is an historical documentary about the evolution of project management in Australia. The opinions provided are personal opinions of those speaking. This section was updated on 20 April, 2015.