Project management begins to gain traction with the space program, modern construction and the advent of computer programming. The US launches the Project Management Institute (PMI), leading the way for advancing project management as a discipline.

Interviewee: Alan Stretton, PhD, Life Fellow

This conversation is about significant tools that were developed before the introduction of 'project management'.  It's about how project management was 'born'. The 1950s established a need, but in the 1960s there was significant development within the project management space.

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Notable Events

  • NASA adopts project management for The Apollo Program Development.
  • Civil & Civic appoints discrete project managers for work, including the Sydney Opera House.
  • Early computer programming uses precedence diagramming.
  • The International Project Management Association (IPMA), formerly INTERNET, forms in Europe.
  • The Project Management Institute (PMI) forms in North America.
  • Various departments of the US Defense Forces create project offices.
  • Bechtel Corporation (USA) uses the term 'project manager' for the first time.
  • In Australia, construction firm Civil & Civic starts to establish processes to manage design and construction.
  • Development of the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT), Critical Path Method (CPM) and Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM).