The Australian Institute of Project Management is committed to supplying the most relevant industry resources to project professionals. As a key pillar in our strategic plan, we will be shining a light each quarter on a specific industry sector that is of particular relevance to our members and supporting that with advocacy, research,  and a list of resources which you will find below.


The first industry we will focus on is infrastructure. Those involved in the infrastructure industry make up a significant percentage of our membership, and cooinciding with the infrastructure boom the AIPM has worked to ensure the importance of good project management is not underestimated in business and in government.  Australia has a strong record of delivering high-quality infrastructure projects, but incidents of poor planning, project selection and delivery continue to occur.


Infrastructure Australia
Infrastructure Australia - Australian Infrastructure Plan
Infrastructure Australia - Infrastructure Priority List
Infastructure New South Wales
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Northern Territory
Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, Queensland
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia
Infrastructure Tasmania
Infrastructure Victoria
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Australian Government
Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics, Australian Government
National Infrastructure Construction Schedule, Australian Government
Global Infrastructure Hub

Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline


Infrastructure Partnerships Australia
Planning Institute Australia
Property Council of Australia