The Mentoring Program at a Glance

AIPM's Mentoring Program engages today's project leaders to support and develop the project management leaders of tomorrow, helping them progress in their careers and into senior management and technical leadership roles.

The Program is available nationwide to project managers on a certification pathway, as well as those seeking guidance for their project management career.

The next program commences on 19 February 2019.  Applications will be accepted until close of business on Friday, 1 February 2019.

Mentors are unpaid volunteers and pay no fee to take part in the Mentoring Program. 

Mentees pay an upfront fee of $320 ex GST, which helps to cover the cost of running the Program.  Payment can only be made online with proof of payment required to be included in your application. 

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Who should consider this program?

The AIPM Mentoring Program pairs project managers seeking guidance and support with more experienced practitioners who are willing to commit time and energy to the professional development of another practitioner.

Would you like:

  • Guidance for your personal and professional development in the project management profession, from someone with a wealth of experience?

  • An opportunity to refelect on professional challenges and achievements?

  • Satisfacion from helping others and contributing to the future success of the profession?

  • A chance to develop your mentoring and leadership skills?

Who can apply?

To be a mentee, you must be an AIPM member:

  • At Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP), Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM) or Certified Practising Senior Project Manager (CPSPM) level;


  • be under 35 years of age; AND be employed, not a student, and interested in furthering your career in project management.

To be a mentor, you must be an AIPM member:

  • At Certified Practising Senior Project Manager (CPSPM), Certified Practising Portfolio Executive (CPPE) or Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD) level;


  • Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM) and have 10+ years of experience in Project Management.

Both mentees and mentors must also be willing to attend Program webinars and complete the training provided.

CPD Points

Both Mentors and Mentees participating in the Mentoring Program will receive 25 points. Points will be allocated at the mid-way review – 10 points, and at completion of the program 15 points.

Application process

Mentees and mentors will be asked to complete a short application form to assess their eligibility for the program and to collect details about what they are looking for in a mentoring partner.

If you would like to know more, or are unsure if this program is suitable for you, please register for the free information webinar.

Download the 2019 Mentoring Program Information Pack here

Submit your application

Submissions close Friday, 1 February 2019.

For more information

Contact Gina Meibusch, Mentoring Program Manager, at