The Project Management Careers Guide

30 Jun 2020

What was once a role that was largely linked to the Construction and Infrastructure industries, Project Managers can now be found in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors across a range of industries...

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8 Imperatives for Gender Equity in the Workplace

24 Feb 2020
Report, Gender equity

While the percentage of AIPMs female members has improved 2% in the past 12 months, women represent less than a quarter of the membership at 22%.

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AIPM Annual Report 2019

11 Nov 2019
Annual Report

Investing in AIPM’s future This has been a year of investment in AIPM’s future.

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The Future of Project Management: Global Outlook 2019

07 Nov 2019
Report, Survey

The 2019 Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), KPMG and International Project Management Association (IPMA) survey findings provide perspectives on current trends and practices in project and program management...

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Industry 4.0 Will Usher in a Gamut of Opportunities for Project Management Professionals

21 Jun 2019
Future of work

‚ÄčThe world is changing. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and it is having an impact on everything, including the future of work.

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Agile (Project) Management NOT a Contradiction

27 Nov 2018
Agile, Whitepaper

The Agile Business Consortium, the Australian Institute of Project Management and the International Project Management Association have released a white paper titled Agile (Project) Management NOT a contradiction. This paper explains how using...

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