24 Feb 2020

8 Imperatives for Gender Equity in the Workplace

Report, Gender equity
8 Imperatives for Gender Equity in the Workplace

While the percentage of AIPMs female members has improved 2% in the past 12 months, women represent less than a quarter of the membership at 22%.


This low level is a reflection of both Australian society and male domination of the industries that are project management based.


We believe our female membership base will expand as project management is adopted by more widely by sectors that employ more women, such as health, finance and legal services.

AIPM is looking to accelerate this change, and address potential future skill shortages by advocating to remove the barriers to women’s progression generally, and project management careers in particular. In doing so we seek to improve both the profession and the economy. 

Through our research, we have identified the eight imperatives that Australian governments, society, AIPM members and industry need to urgently address to speed up the journey to gender equality in the workplace to the benefit of all Australians.


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