The Australian Institute of Project Management is committed to supporting research in the field of project management.

If you are an AIPM member and would like to share your requests for research participation on this website and with AIPM members in our monthly PM Matters eNewsletter, then please email with the following details about your research:

  • Full details on who is undertaking the research, which bodies are supporting and/or sponsoring the research and an estimated timeframe for completion
  • Details on any commercial funding for the research
  • Agreed scheduled updates on the research progress, including but not limited to articles, presentations and preliminary findings

  • A short Benefits Statement, outlining the benefits your research will have on the project management profession

Current Research Requests


Industry Survey on ‘Appropriate Scoping of Infrastructure Projects in Australia’

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is supporting Infrastructure Australia in conducting a short industry survey to measure the perception of industry professionals on whether infrastructure projects in Australia are appropriately scoped.
A key component of this study is an industry survey targeting a cross section of industry practitioners to gauge perceptions on this subject, and identify any common factors that can typically influence “over-engineering” or “under-engineering”.
AIPM would like to invite our members to contribute to this study by participating and completing the short online survey, which can be accessed through this link:
All respondents have the choice of supplying a contact email address if they wish to receive updates on the research study outcomes. This is entirely optional, and respondents will also be free to supply anonymised email addresses. Any email addresses supplied will not be attached or matched to survey responses.
Thank you for your assistance. Your contribution to this project will build the knowledge base for this important aspect of infrastructure provision in Australia and could help to improve the delivery of future projects of national significance.