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How power influences behaviour in projects

Someone important expected you to behave in a way you didn’t want to. It wasn’t that they’d given you formal instructions, but you were pretty sure that what they expected was not what you wanted to do. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation like that on a project, we’d really like to know what you did and why. 
Click the link to find out more, take the survey and get a free personality test.


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What does the research involve?

This survey is part of a PhD project at Monash University, researching how power affects behaviour, and so outcomes in projects. Our hypothesis is that one of the reasons projects go bad is power, so we’re keen to hear from project professionals who were under pressure to behave in ways that made them uncomfortable. This survey is thorough so completing it should take roughly 25 minutes. So, you’re thinking, “25 minutes ..?”

Why should you complete this survey?

There are three reasons why you should complete this survey.

First, this survey gathers personality data and gives you the option of gaining personal insight. It’s common for commercial providers to charge for this service, but if you participate it’s free. Second, with that insight, you get a chance to reflect in a structured way on how you dealt with power, helping you understand better what happened, and equipping you better for next time. Third, participating would also be giving back to the community, so helping to build project management knowledge.

What do you do next?

Click the link, review the information and give us your thoughts.  And if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch -